Thursday, February 28, 2013

What I did this week

       Creative Environment

     This week in Creative environment I did a group presentation with Brandy Smail, Aaliyah Davis, and Amber Barletto. We had to teach a Art project to the class and we wanted to use a under the sea theme. So to find a idea we used good old Pinterest we searched fish until we found one we all liked. So we found a CD fish that we could bedazzle out. We decided to base it on the book The Rainbow Fish. Our presentation was an overall success besides the fact that it was only supposed to be 12 minutes and we went 27 minutes oops. We worked well as a team and we learned from our mistakes. We also used the computer lab to learn about power point we made our own power point which is similar to the one I put in my blog for open house. I saved it on Google drive and used what I previously learned in technology for education. Below is Ernest Borgnine reading The Rainbow Fish with animations.

Intro to Philosophy
I did a paper about the Allegory of the Caves by Plato and my opinion about it. We also had a test which was tough but, I pulled through. We have also done a group project where we had to research about philosophers. If you are interested about the Allegory of the Cave you can watch a video about it below. 

In all my other classes we did homework, take notes, tests, and research papers.

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